Friday, January 08, 2010

My Jen & Jennifer Dombrowski-Scott

In a round robin email between my Jen, my Marine & myself we were discussing Apocalypse Man (History Channel), Spam (the "alleged" food) and Twitter.

They don't tweet.

I don't eat Spam.

My Marine pronounces -
"I don't twiddah. Twiddah is for loozahs.

Survivalist? Like a guy who goes into the wilderness and eats bugs? Or a guy who can defend himself and his food supply from hungry neighbors after the Bad Day?

First one, Rudy has it all over me. Second? Rudy would be full of holes before he put a finger on my stash of Spam."

I offer -
"There you both are, you can discuss Spam (which I loathe) and Twitter (which neither of you are cool enough to do)."

My Jen responds -
"Rudy Reyes is not a fictional character he is Apocalypse Man a show on History channel.

Spam is imitation ham but much saltier. In a samich or mixed with eggs it is CRAZY TASTY, hence the slogan.

Tweeting is essentially sh!t disturbing, which I don't mind doing but on a large scale would be too exhausting for me. You basically voice for your opinion to an unsuspecting audience lulling the foolish into the idea you are open minded about sharing. Then when they respond in opposition you club them like baby seals with your superior intellect. It's not fair, but then again LIFE ISN'T FAIR. Don't believe me ask Jenn D, I rest my case!"

For the record, Rudy Jennifer is super smart and witty.....and my Marine stands no chance taking on the both of us.....and Jennifer Dombrowsky-Scott is still an asshat that should apologize for this.


Anonymous said...

Asshat. That is an interesting term.

I should be sending you some interesting photo's in the next couple of days.

Stella by Starlight said...

Jennifer Domborwski-Scott. Asshat? Is that the best you can do? (I left my overworded-as-usual comment below).

AW1 Tim said...

I prefer the ram "assmaggot", though weeping anal fissure might also apply.
Just sayin'...

Stella by Starlight said...

We could learn some excellent expletives from AW1 Tim. Good ones!