Monday, January 25, 2010

OK, Enough Doom & Gloom

Dbie kicked my ass in the comments below. I called the mortgage company and I am going to take one more shot at this. Cause after ironic would it be if Obama saved me?


Kanani said...


Barb said...

That would be Totally ironic. And, I'd rather you got good use out of any funds. Kinda keeps it in the family! And as AW1 Tim said previously, you are never alone :-)

Kanani said...

Another spring, another summer, another Christmas day. They're all worth it Maggie. If I were in your position and knew that life had a finite edge with one hell of a fight, I'd want to do it where I had the most memories.
If I were there, I'd come replant your garden with you.

You go get them, Maggie.
Let us know how we can help.

FbL said...

I was serious about coming to see you and working from anywhere. I could come help you plant this Spring. Or even plant FOR you as you lounge around with a Cape Codder in your hand, giving me orders. ;)

Seriously, I love gardening.

AFSister said...