Monday, January 03, 2011

So.....My Mother Just Called Me....

....on my cell phone

.....from the first floor.

We laughed. My Dad just yells. My mother is more refined.

I got an automated call on Thursday that I had an appointment with Dr. Miller on Monday the 3rd at 1 pm. I didn't recall making it and neither did my sisters or parents. So the last thing my mother said to me last night was "Remember to call about that appointment." Well, I did and sure enough it was nothing. During my last cycle of Velcade/dex, the infusion center made my "next round appointments". When they brought me the card, I explained this was sixth and last round. So they cancelled them, but apparently something was left in the system and that triggered the alarm.

I even remembered to call Gracie. She had something to do today that was less than fun and she generously offered to cancel it and come to my appointment with me. So I called and sang into her voicemail "Nevermind Gracie.....I have nothing and you have to go to your appointment!"

Then I was puttering around here on the 3rd floor when my cell phone rang. Caller ID "Mum & Dad"??

I was giggling before I hit the button. But it makes sense. Why leave the comfort of the first floor loveseat and raise your voice.....when you can just call on the phone.

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