Monday, January 10, 2011

I Am Miss Mature!

Last night, my mother and I were watching something on TV and a commercial came on for "Hoarders" or something like it. My mother says that could never happen with her. I said "No kidding! I'd like to see you try!" If we leave one thing out of place, my father is right there to move it or question us. Then, almost as if he knew it was his cue, he came into the room. He looked at an envelope that was on the ottoman next to my feet. "Hmmm, what is this?" I laughed and said I was using it as a bookmark, it would leave with me.

So today I had a few appointments and a lot of walking - a lot for me anyway. So when I got back to the house I went up to my room to rest. I ended up falling asleep for five hours. Not a good plan. I got up and as I passed me father he starts laughing at me and tells me I will be up alllllll night!

So I go down to the kitchen to get something to eat and I note that as always, the oven mitts are in this drawer, one on top of the other. Facing the same way. Very orderly. So I make sure to put them back....upside down and backwards.


Tom Goering said...

lol, my dad is just like that, too - I could turn a potted plant a quarter turn and he would notice it right away.

Hoarders is bad, but that Animal Hoarders show is worse - people with like 60-70 dogs living in there house...

Ky Woman said...

Bwahhahha! You are sooo an instigator.
You crack me up at times, DMX3. You are what we call in our family "a corker". It's a good term.

But really, you should have put one inside the other. LOL

Yer Marine said...

Nice. Why do you torment them?

My mother was a stickler for proper Emglish. When I would come home on leave, some time during my visit, I would announce to my Mother that I was going to "lay down". The I would wait... "It's LIE!" was the inevitable response.

My Dad once asked me why I did that to her. All I could come up with is that I couldn't resist.

BostonMaggie said...

Tom - the only way I would watch Animal Hoarders would be some kind of "Clockwork Orange" scenario.

KW - I was always trouble.

YM - He started it! He was laughing at me.

airforcewife said...

That is exactly why I just love you. :)

*clap clap clap*


Yer Marine said...

"He started it!"

A variation on the "It's not my fault!" theme.

Miss Mature indeed.