Friday, January 14, 2011


Took a cab over to Tufts/NEMC for my day of high dose Cytoxan. This is the first step in my stem cell transplant. This will stimulate my Tcells. Think of it as pruning a bush to make it flower. The infusion room nurses were talking about it with excitement. It seems so strange. I of course have a different perspective, but I did understand. They are happy because they have their eyes on the long term goal, remission. I was still hoping for a last minute reprieve because I woke up with a head cold. I was thinking the cold might delay stuff, but no, we went ahead.

Today I had Robin and after doing the initial blood work, she started the IV and some benedryl. I zonked right out. Next thing I knew Jen was there with a tea. This was good for two reasons, first I am a fan of the Dunkin Donuts tea and also I have to drink lots of fluids because of the Cytoxan.

So I slept, I drank, I visited the restroom.

There was lunch and I ate half a turkey sandwich. Then Denise, the transplant coordinator showed up. We went over more stuff. She took Jen down to the pharmacy to pick up other stuff I will need, anti-biotics, nausea meds, etc. I think we are wearing her down on the "you can't shower after the transplant" front. I told her that other than being really tired and sluggish, I felt fine. She knocked on wood and laughed at me. Then she explained that was normal. It would come on in the next few days and next Friday would be the lowest point.

Grace showed just as Denise was finishing up.

At one point Robin held up something plastic. I didn't have my glasses on, it looked like a sombrero. It was to measure my "output" on my next bathroom trip. Apparently, I made a good showing because I only had to do that once.

Then Kate, my nurses practitioner came in. She took us on a tour of the transplant unit.

Jen took off before the valet closed at 4 and there was more sleeping.

I started to feel nauseous, but it was just hunger. I forced myself to finish the second half of the turkey sandwich. Blech! Jen had thrown away the mayo, because she is ANTI-MAYO. Dry as the Sahara.

Finally it was over and my brother Frankie & my Dad came and got us.

There were two shots of Mesna to take tonight. It is to protect my bladder from hemorrhagic cystitis. There's two words that will grab your attention. Everyone said it smelled horrid and was vile. The directions recommend diluting it with juice, but the consensus of those in the room was to hold my nose and take it like a shot with a ginger ale chaser.

The first was at 6:45 pm and it wasn't that bad. The next is at 10:45 pm. If I can't keep it down I have to go back to the ER and have it administered via IV. One down, one to go.

So that's my report. Day one - ehhh. Not as bad as I thought, but no day the beach.


Yer Marine said...

Tell Jen that mayonnaise is one of the four food groups.

So is coffee syrup to put in cold milk.

Oh, and meats and vegetable, and something else.

Ky Woman said...

Kept thinking about you today...glad that you're getting there!


AWTM said...

you are strong, and tuff

wolfwalker said...

For what it's worth, I'm thinking of you and sending whatever good vibes I can summon in your direction.

Best of luck!

Pia said...

What? Sorry, but anti-mayo is a hate crime.

BostonMaggie said...

Thank you all.

YM & Pia, Jen will never be moved off of her anti-mayo stand.