Saturday, January 29, 2011

I'm In Trouble/Some Things Never Change

So Thursday Frankie came up and we had a visit. He took me on my errands and we got to talk. It was great, but I was pretty wiped out. Then the favorite Naval Consort called and kept me up.

So Friday I was pretty tired. But there was nothing on the schedule except pizza with my sisters and my cousin Chrissie. And they were coming to me, so no big deal, right? Well this morning I was wiped out. Although it was totally worth it. Chrissie is screamingly funny. She knows everyone in Charlestown and kept us entertained all evening with the latest gossip.

I thought I was hiding this being tired stuff pretty well, but apparently not.

Most of us were here today for frankie's birthday know, the one I forgot to plan, so my father and Grace stepped in. We were going to have it at Grace's in case I hadn't recovered enough to attend, but I had plenty of white blood cells to spare so I am off restriction.

Frankie and I were talking about his upcoming move to Virginia. He flies out on Wednesday. I wanted to go over to the airport with him. My father interjected, "Absolutely not!"

So I laughed. I thought he was teasing. He is always forbidding me to do things. But it's in jest. Well not today. When we were alone in the kitchen he told me how I was causing my mother and him to worry about all my gallivanting.

So? What do I do?

And Jen left today mad at us. Well, not really, but I am on movie restriction again. It's Kanani's fault. She sent me that Richard Burton/Elizabeth Taylor book. I read it and I have been watching Elizabeth Taylor movies. Today was Butterfield 8. Jen was so mad at the end....I got yelled at.


Googie Baba said...

Hey Maggie,

Sorry things are rough. Hang in there. I am glad your family is taking care of you.

Googie (your friendly neighborhood liberal)

Lemon Stand said...

I'm always in trouble. It's my natural state of being. Since I have not been really good at paying attention in quite a while. It's pretty obvious because I'm only now sayin' I hope you DO take care of yourself! BTW, my Dad was born on D Street in South Boston. ;P (like my cousins, he never lost his accent even after twenty years in the military)