Sunday, January 16, 2011

I Feel Like I Am Looking Over the Edge Of Cliff

....waiting for someone to run at my back, full tilt, arms extended, and push me off.

I feel pretty good, better than last week. Which is bizarre. I walked upstairs to the 3rd floor 4 times today - no problem. I'm not saying I am Speedy Gonzalez, after all I have been up since 7:30 am trying to make 9 am Mass....#FAIL. And now I have to hope I don't poop out before 11 am Mass. I am up, my bed is made, I am showered, my hair is blowdryed (the down side of the new haircut, it must be blowdryed.). I started the laundry. I took all the morning pills and marked them down along with my temp. I straighted out my nightstand and some stuff in the room. Now I am here in the blog and eating blueberry flax hot cereal - Yum!

They told me that I would start to feel the effects of Cytoxan sometime tonight or tomorrow. They told me that the shot I got yesterday, Neulasta to stimulate my white blood cell will likely begin to cause pain Monday. And then it's down hill to Friday, my nadir.

But for right now....I'm just waiting here at the top, feeling pretty good.


FbL said...

Not sure how much it helps, but I know there are uncountable people who are standing at the bottom, waiting and ready to catch you and hold you until you get back on your feet.

*holding you in my heart*

tankerbabelc said...

AMEN to what FbL said

Stella said...

If some moron tried to push you off a cliff, you'd fly. I hope you know that I'd be honored to stand by Fbl's side to join the uncountable people. My prayers are with you.