Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Why I Need A Keeper!

Friday evening I picked up my car from the shop with it's new starter and drove back to work. Just after dark I left to go home and the battery light came on. Hmmmm. As I drove home the headlights were getting more and more dim. Luckily it was a full moon and I made it home....barely.

So Saturday morning I get up, try it..........dead.

I call the other Jen (not my sister) and ask for a ride to work. She has a child so I know she gets up early, lol. Then I called the mechanic and he tells me to leave the keys above the visor and he'll come get it.

So I work all day and get home just after dark....there's the car still in front of the house. Bummer. I had things I wanted to get done. Oh well.

So Sunday I tell the boys to jump the car and drive it up to the mechanic - he's just a mile away. They do and they leave the keys.

I don't bother calling Monday, it's a holiday. I just steal my sister's car to do what I have to do.

Tuesday I forgot to call until late afternoon and I didn't catch him.

Today I call. He just starts laughing. I ask how the car is. He asks what I think happened on Saturday. I tell him that I realize he didn't get to it and that's why I had the boys bring it up.

"No." he says "I came down in the white car. Took your car to the shop. Fixed your car. Brought it back and took my car."

So.......that means that I have been whining about being carless and cadging rides since Sunday morning.........for no reason.

I'd like to say such nonsense is unusual, but sadly no one who knows me is surprised.

Don't ask me what it was he did exactly on Saturday, I was too embarrassed to ask.


tankerbabe said...

You really should start charging for this entertainment friend.

My guess? Alternator

4fauxfr said...

LOL!!! I feel so much better knowing these things don't just happen to me;-)

Mrs. K said...

This is fantastic. Are you sure your roots aren't blonde? I thought I was the dim witted one in the fam. Although, remind me to tell you about my empty bottle. Priceless.

Stella by Starlight said...

Apparently, we have far more similarities than differences. Tankerbabe has a great idea. When are you planning to start stand up comedy? This and the pizza story should earn you a gig on Comedy Central.

FbL said...

Heh. Sounds just like something I'd do. :)

And yes, money is on him replacing the alternator.