Sunday, September 06, 2009

Spa Sunday

Spa Sunday is where I pull out all my favorite messy spa stuff from the cabinets and do it up while I watch the Sunday morning talk shows. Bath & Body Works Lavender Chamomile body scrub is waiting for me.

I'm in a terribly good mood.

I've been working more lately - very important since the car is still out of commission. After I picked it up from the shop with it's new starter...the battery light came on and I barely made it home.

I've got 3 solid weeks back on Atkins under my belt today - very important since steroids piled a ton of weight on me.

I have scored a new Sailor for my Navy Coterie. He's a BMC. I've always heard that Bos'n Mate were trouble....doesn't that sound like fun?

OK, I didn't want to bring on any bad ju-ju, so I haven't said much...but.... I have been feeling good! The constant fatigue has finally receded. I stopped chemo on January 23rd. I was told it would take two to twelve months to recover from the effects. I had only taken them for four months so I set an arbitrary deadline of four months to recover. That didn't happen, as a matter of fact, some things got worse. I didn't take it well at all.

Why, if my cancer hasn't done one thing as expected, did I think this would go according to plan?

My friend Kathy told me from the beginning to lean more towards 12 months for recovery. I tried to remain optomistic, but it was so hard. I have been so angry. I know in July I very unfairly unloaded on the other Jennifer (not my sister) and told her that I was sure it would never get any better than it was. That I would just have to take larger and larger doses of oxy until I was disabled.

But then when the July script ran out at the beginning of August, I just decided to stop taking them. I only told SouthieBoy. God! What that poor man has been through, lol. He couldn't tell his BFF, he just had to deal with what I dumped on him.

Man that was awful. There were days I would have killed to take them. LOL

But it got better. The thing that got better most quickly? My mind. I think that was the scariest part of all of this. I was getting fuzzier all the time. I couldn't read more than a page or two without going back and re-reading things. But almost right away that got better.

Sure, there is still pain, but apparently, despite all my doubts, I am dealing with it.

So, by and large, on this sunny, cool Sunday - I feel good!!!

I am off to the spa in my bathroom with this song in my head -


Karie said...

I love how positive you are. Makes me happy. :)

Stella by Starlight said...

Maggie: I know: Chemo has caused real problems....has real consequences.... One of the potential consequences of steroid use is elevated blood sugar and I have it (as do I) fight the possible cancer, I have caused a real problem with possible fatal consequences. I know this one, too. Therefore to fight the possible cancer, I have caused a real problem with possible lifelong debilitating consequences.

Sadly true. I feel like I deserve a medical degree after all this. Despite my careful research from places like the Mayo Clinic and Sloane-Kettering, I have same problem as you--our discussion has been remarkably similar to trying to discuss politics with the "headline readers.

Well, “The best doctors in the world are Doctor Diet, Doctor Quiet, and Doctor Merryman.” [Swift, of course] With your positivity, with, and strength, I truly believe with all my heart you will be well.