Friday, September 18, 2009

My Ego Knows No Bounds!

So, some Sailor is talking to me about places that our Sailors are serving in IA slots - 10.673 Sailors at the moment are serving in this capacity. The conversation turns to spots in Afghanstan in general, Kandahar in specific. I make some smartass remark about celebrities visiting these spots. The response was that NO celebrities go to Kandahar.

So I mosey on over to the MCPON's Facebook page. I am a fan of the MCPON, are you? You should be.

I wrote - So I've heard that not many celebrities go visit our Sailors in Kandahar....can I tag along if you go?

So, some Chief (he of the "Gentle Suggestion") says that he bets $5 that I don't get an answer and $5 more that I don't go.

Today the MCPON has just returned from a trip that included Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, RONALD REAGAN, TOPEKA, Djibouti and Bahrain. He comes out to his page, sees my nonsense and writes - "You've just lost the first 5......but sorry you can't go. It was a great visit though."

I press on - "But if you would let me go.....I would count as a celebrity visit, right?"

The MCPON responds....not unlike something my Dad would say "You betcha!....and no you still can't go."

The Hooligan chimes in - "Concur MCPON. She can't go." (Again not unlike after my father laying down the law, my sister Grace piling on.)

So I ask the new Marine in the Rotation - "So, can you work on a plan that smuggles me into Kandahar?"

His response? "You don't need to be in Kandahar."

I ask "LOL!? What if I want to be?"

He comes back with "You would until you got there."

The important part of these exchanges.......if I got to show up in Kandahar, it would be considered a celebrity ego is colossal

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