Wednesday, September 02, 2009

September 2, 1945

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Terry L. Johnson said...

I have stood on that spot.

On the 02 level, starboard side of the USS MISSOURI there is a man-hole sized round plaque embedded in the deck which says something like, "On this spot on September 2nd 1945 representatives of the Japanese government surrendered ending World War II".

I recall the moment maybe 22 years ago. The ship was in commission and we were at sea preparing to conduct test firings of ABL configured Tomahawks.

I didn't know the plaque was there and I was just wandering around topside killing time when I happened upon it. I felt like I'd discovered something secret and unknown as I was the only person who paid it any attention. It gave me chills to read the inscription and look around and remember the photographs.

Granted: I was a visitor on the ship and ship's company surely understood the importance and significance of the plaque. I wasn't completely sure that was the case though.

I am glad we kept her as a museum.

BTW: I love your blog!