Friday, September 04, 2009

$385 To Get The Car Back On The Road

Argghhh!!! You people are going to have to work out a schedule of who is taking me to dinner on which I don't go hungry the next two weeks.

Of course it happened on the paycheck that reflects the time I took off for my Dad's stroke. LOL I worked 41 hours out of a normal 80 for the pay period.

I need a tin cup.


Mrs. K said...

Old coffee cans work well in a pinch when panhandling. Also, I will take the 19th for dinner.

BostonMaggie said...

Ha! You are not supposed to take people out on your own birthday....but you seem to make a habit of it. Last year you celebrated your birthday by taking me to a fabulous meal in Vegas.

Mrs. K said... ACTUAL birthday is the 21st. So, the 19th is totally fair game!