Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Am Not Speaking To URR

You know I love the USNI Blog. I look every day. But I was a little busy yesterday. In the office, I had a girl out on vacation; I had a girl out sick and it was busy.

Plus there is the slight possibility that I was paying a little too much attention to personal emails from the male of the species.....I can neither confirm nor deny.

I spent very, very little time on Twitter even though @NavyNews was revealing my uber secret plan to take over Twitter for my own evil ends.

What little time I had went into preparing for Project Valour-IT which begins October 26th, the Day of the Deployed. I am putting all the knowledge I am acquiring from the reading the Navy Coterie has me doing together with the stuff I learned from the Joint Professional Military Education (JPME) curriculum and all the stuff I learned growing up in Charlestown to ensure that Team Navy wins a decisive victory.

So, URR, if you are going to put up something I would find interesting on the USNI blog, is it too much to ask that you nudge me????? You know, you might be the last arguement of kings....but I am the Goddess of the Naval Blogging Strike Force.

Fair Winds and Following Seas, Major Pope.

A Hero Laid to Rest; Major Everett P. Pope, USMC
Today, 15 September, 2009, Medal of Honor recipient Major Everett Pope, USMC, was buried at Arlington Cemetery. He died in July, on his 90th birthday. Major Pope won his Medal of Honor during the savage, bloody fighting on Peleliu. He was buried on the 65th anniversary of the landings on the island. On Peleliu, he commanded Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, 1st Marines.

Go read the rest here.

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Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

We're sadly approaching the day when there won't be any WW2 heroes left. The greatest generation.