Thursday, December 07, 2006

Tony Snow Is The Man.......

This is a transcript of yesterday's Press Briefing by Tony Snow. The whole transcript is here.
The questioner is David Gregory of NBC.

Q Tony, about the evaluation, can I just start on the point of --
MR. SNOW: I think David is out-shouting you --
Q Well, that's not fair at all --
MR. SNOW: We'll go to David. David, yes.
Q On the evaluation in the report it says the following -- the co-chairs say the following: "'Stay the course' is no longer viable. The current approach is not working. The situation is grave and deteriorating." Chairman Hamilton says he is not sure whether the situation can be turned around. Can this report be seen as anything other than a rejection of this President's handling of the war?
MR. SNOW: Absolutely. And I think you need to read the report --
Q I have.
MR. SNOW: You've read the whole report?
Q No, I've gone through a lot of the recommendations.
MR. SNOW: Okay, well, I read the whole report, and I will tell you, also based on the conversations --
Q But this is from the Chairman.
MR. SNOW: Well, if you listen to the Chairman you will have noted that he's not trying to --
Q They were all quotes, Tony.
MR. SNOW: David, please. You get mad --
Q -- report, I'm just saying those were all quotes.
MR. SNOW: I know. I know they're all quotes. I'm now going to try to proceed to try to place them in context. Number one, they are not trying to score partisan points or to look back. The one thing this is, is they're not doing look-back. The second thing is that they understand the difficulties. They have adopted the goals that the administration has laid out.
Why don't you go back and read through some of these and I'll go ahead and deal with them. Go back on your notes there and give me the comments one at a time.

By the way, I get my copy Saturday.

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