Thursday, December 14, 2006

My Blog Sistas..........

FbL and AFSis have these tests every once in a while. Tuesday's offering, thanks to AFSis, was "What Famous Leader Are You?"
There were four ways to take the test. You could answer 9, 18, 27, or 45 questions. You were told that the more questions you answered, the more accurate the results. I took the long version.

My result...................
Yeah SB.........what's your point? Things should go my way.
So far I have heard the following results
Lincoln - Jennifer (Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.........she is crazier and more belligerent than me!) and Barb
Hitler - Rachael in my office (lot's of laughs there)
Clinton - Pat in the office (I'd be offended, but she thinks it's funny)
Kennedy - WereKitten and her paramour (they tied it to sex and they're happy)
Ghandi - my boss, Bette and coworker Karen ("emaciated do-gooder", it fits)
Mother Theresa - Pat's sister Maryellen (she's delusional, Mother Theresa was not hypercritical and intolerant)
Einstein - Somebody over at WK's place got that, so I have no comment.
Saddam - Me (fits) SB (fits), Nicole in the office (fits) FbL (she's not happy)
So SB gets Saddam and beefs. I ask Jennifer to guess his result and she guesses Patton. Cripes, just what we need, someone feeding that ego!!!
************The troublemaker who started this couldn't post her comment (blogger gremlins?), so I get this email:

effing blogger...
I tried to post a comment on the dictator post:
*snicker*I'm surrounded by EEEEVIL DICKTATORS! (misspellings on purpose, mind you) Of course, the important thing you've overlooked is that Keith and I both came up as JFK, who "likes power because it increases sexual options"WOOT! LMAO... Hussein. You, FbL AND
SB? TOO funny


FbL said...

Heh. Well, that was no surprise! ;)

But how in the world did I come up with the same result????

BostonMaggie said...


Anonymous said...

Ok. So I came out as Sadam also! What is up with that?!

BostonMaggie said...

"What is up with that?!"

Are you kidding? I didn't need you to take the test to call that one!

Sgt. B. said...

I was Hitler...