Saturday, December 09, 2006

Dennis Miller

I have always thought he was funny, but he has a tougher time of it because he is conservative. Anyway, he was on Fox last night. His point on the subject of Iraq and the ISG pretty much mirrored my own. We need get tough with the insurgents and we can't leave till we mop them all up. The worst thing we can do is to look weak. I am often frustrated by the ISG conversation because I feel it has reduced the discusion to "Leave now", "Leave later". How about "Take the gloves off with insurgents"? At one point he mentions that he "came late to the party, some people "thought it was GO time after the Cole", he joined after 9/11. I was down Jennifer's, in the kitchen, making cookies and other treats for todays family Christmas party. I yelled into the front room where Jennifer was making centerpieces (the TV between us) "I know those people!", meaning SB. She yell back "You are those people!" I laughed, yes I am. I thought about it for a minute and yelled back "Me? How about we? We are those people!".

Let's stop discussing timetables and start discussion ROE.


Anonymous said...

A pair that will beat three of a kind.

Warrior said...

Right on the money Maggie. I'm disgusted by the ISG. They actually expect to enlist the help of terrorist supporting countries to help fight terror? Why don't they put Charles Manson in charge of the Dept of Health and Human Services? Morons. I wonder how much money this idiotic "study group" cost us?

jarhead john said...

Oops, brain fart. That was me. I don't even know what account that was....dee dee dee.

BostonMaggie said...

It's true this nonsense is costing the taxpayers. Most people who give it a thought and look up the United States Institute for Peace (USIP) probably think it's some private institute, it's not.
This is from their website:
***Funding for USIP operations, activities, and programs comes from the USIP's annual appropriation from Congress. USIP may, however, receive gifts and contributions from private agencies, organizations, corporations, or other legal entities for use in program hospitality and for the purchase, construction, furnishing, and maintenance of its permanent headquarters building, now being constructed.****
There you go....taxpayer dollars.