Monday, December 18, 2006

John Kerry Disrespects African American Woman

This is my turn at MSM style writing. I have a provocative headline which will prove somewhat of a leap when you read the story.

From the Boston Globe December 16, 2006.
Senator John F. Kerry yesterday defended his decision to meet with the president of Syria next week and said Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice did not try to talk him out of the meeting when they met face-to-face earlier this month to discuss his Middle East trip.
Bush administration officials have said they warned Kerry that his trip to Syria -- and those of two other Democratic senators -- harms US interests and sends the wrong signal to President Bashar al-Assad of Syria. The administration accuses Syria of fomenting violence in the Middle East.

So, let's see.....John Kerry goes to meet with Assad even though State says it's a bad idea. He goes against the wishes of State and defends it saying they didn't tell him *not* to go. Kerry is putting his own judgement above that of the State Department (imagine if Jendayi Frazer went into the Senate Chamber and cast Senator Kerry's next vote!). He is overstepping into the executive branch. State is run by Condi Rice. Condi is an African-American I say this means John Kerry doesn't respect African American women.

My actual feelings about Kerry and others (Dodd, Specter, Nelson) meeting with Assad.............two words..........Logan Act.
Some will be reminded of Kerry's 1970 trip to Paris to meet with representatives of the North Vietnamese.

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