Thursday, December 07, 2006

From Froggy's Lips (or fingers)......

to "W"'s ears..............

A Modest Proposal From the Froggy Study Group
There is no way to sugarcoat the situation in Iraq except to say that what the American people THINK is happening there does not reflect the reality of what is actually occurring. Perception is reality in this case and if the war is perceived to have been lost here where the decisions are made, then like Vietnam, the successes and progress we have made so far don’t count for much. I am not interested in global opinion, elite media spin, or the inane advice of another blue ribbon panel. The US military is f#cking owed its opportunity to finish what it was ordered to start. Nothing else matters, because as Charlie Rangel says, nobody in this country has any connection to the military anyway so why should they care if we want the job done right?

Go over to BlackFive and read the whole thing. Uncle Jimbo has also weighed in on the ISG

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