Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Running of the Muslims!

"Ibrahim was among nearly 3 million Muslims from around the world who massed in tent cities on the outskirts of Mecca on Thursday for the start of the annual hajj. For many, it is a once in a lifetime chance to cleanse their sins in one of the most important rites of Islam."

So........shall we start a pool? How many will be killed in the stampede this year? Last year over 360 were killed.

I'll take 375.
Jennifer wants 385 "Muslims in muslin" dead with 50 disabled.
(Context/background - Sunday my mother was doing the Globe crossword puzzle - they buy both Sunday papers, although I regularly protest giving the Morrisey-Avenue-bowtie-bum-kissers any money - and the clue is about cotton fabric and my mother says "muslim". Jennifer protests, how can cotton be religious? My mother says "no the fabric". They go back and forth, finally my mother spells it M-u-s-l-i-n. They are telling me the story and Jennifer is saying she has never heard of muslin. I say I have. She yells "spermologist!" Which is a different running joke about collectors of useless facts or trivia. So, now for us it's "Muslims in muslin!")
Anthony is taking 412

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Anthony said...

Put me down for 412. Also, that Navy flag only flies for another 72 hours...