Friday, December 01, 2006


Anthony has challenged me to a bet in the post below. He has a cool thing to wager.

"I have several bottles of a honey liquer I make for the holidays. It is based on a 300 year old recipe handed down thorugh my Lithuanian neighbors family. If I lose, I'll humbly send you a few bottles. In addition lets say the loser has to post the flag of the winner's branch of service on their blog for the remainder of the month of December."

I don't have anything unique like this. Regular readers know I am completely without talent and my life is full of nonsense. What can I put up in return?

**NOTE** Anthony is a nice young man who is married and has a young child. He wandered into this blog by way of Op-For. He is decidedly *not* a candidate for the Rotation. So suggestions such as the one made by WereKitten will not help me.

Blogger will not let me comment on my own damn blog! So here is my reply.
The Rotation is a group of men who vie for my attention with varying degrees of success.
Next, this plea was crossposted over at the Castle and sent out in a blast email.
You are completely correct, my friends both have faith in the Navy and took great pleasure in throwing me under the bus....thump....thump.
So far, my favorite is Ry over at the Castle : "Maggs, he's offering a homey kind of gift. So give something back in return. Either something made out of M&M's glued together with sugar......"
Ry clearly understands the extent of my abilities and where my interests lie.
The Wager
My first thought was Legal Seafoods. SB & WereKitten seconded the idea....actually SB was pushing for me to wager a whole lobster dinner because he has absolute and complete faith in Navy. I do as well, but I think that's just mean, cause Army is gonna make sure you never get it. I am putting up this.


Anthony said...

First, I am afraid to ask what being in "The Rotation" means.

Next, it would appear that either, a. your friends have faith Navy will win tomorrow so you have nothing to worry about OR

b. They've thrown you under the bus.

Anthony said...

Well, if I vie for your attention it will probably be to ask for toddler remedies or to ask for gift ideas for my wife. When you said rotation, I had visions of myself in a bullpen as some kind of relief pitcher.

The wager is fine and I accept although I don't think your friend Ryan understands the value of the Krupnuikas. On the rare occassions I part with it for cash, it usually goes for $30 a bottle so its a bit more than "homey."

All the same, I look forward to tomorrow"s game and, even if I lose, it will have been fun.

BostonMaggie said...

That is exactly what the Rotation is!!!! LOL When they are doing well they move up in the rotation, when they are not, they move down. I manage them like Francona. They are very content. I am a big believer in competition.

I don't know how much cool advice I will have about toddlers, my two are 25 and 18 and my extras are 19. Once a few years ago I babysat my nephew. When it was time to bathe him I needed SIX towels, lol. It's the Alzheimers. It's really tragic in one as young and beautiful as myself.
So we are *on* for tomorrow......

Anthony said...

That's pretty funny about the rotation. Do they get traded or sent back to the minors as well?Indeed we are on for tomorrow, so far as Alzheimers goes, I've found absinthe is great at fighting off the symptoms!

BostonMaggie said...

No trading...I don't share well! But some have been sent down to the minors.

When do you sleep? When mine were young I slept when they slept. At least that's my hazy recollection.

As for absinthe, well I prefer Cape Codders.

Anthony said...

Sleep? Usually I turn in about 0030 or 0100 and wake up about 0530-0600 (I don't sleep much.)

This week has been nice, I had a lot of leave accrued (with 10 days use/lose) so I took it. I've been able to stay at home, decorate for Christmas, take care of my daughter, (she seems to be doing better BTW) and of course get into foolhardy wagers while blogging.