Monday, July 24, 2006

Tanker Brothers

The Tanker Brothers have been busy boys this summer. Now, in addition to their "Rolling Victory Fast 2006" They are nominated for a blog award. Go here and vote for them. I know they're running against Matty & Uncle Jimbo......I'm still telling you to vote for them.

Then go over to read about today's participant and sign up for a day of fasting in support of Victory!


Uncle Jimbo said...

OK Fine Maggie,

I went and voted for the Tanker Brothers, we were getting killed anyhow. 'Ya happy now?


Uncle J

BostonMaggie said...

Uncle J! What a good sport you are!!

You are everything I look for in a man.....belligerent, do what I want and ask if I'm happy!

This was great! Thank you.

MasterGunner said...

Thanks for the vote, Uncle Jimbo!