Saturday, July 01, 2006


I am not a big fan of juggling....unless it's me juggling the men in The Rotation. However, I was listening to "Weekend America" today while I am at work and they were discussing a story on juggling. They made it sound so interesting, I had to look. This guy's name is Chriss Bliss and he juggles in time to several Beatles songs. It really was interesting. I started listening because his other passion is The Bill of Rights.

Juggling for Speech
Chris Bliss is a juggler and a stand up comedian, but his real passion is for the Bill of Rights. He's started a project to put a monument to the Bill of Rights in every state capitol in the country. Bill Radke talks with him about the Bill of Rights... and juggling.

Online resources:
» "Chris Bliss' "Amazing Juggling Finale
» Clips from Chris Bliss on Late Night Televsion

You can watch it on Google video here.

For the record I don't like juggling, magic, circuses, card tricks, animals, animal tricks, "performance art" "street art" or MIMES.

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