Sunday, July 09, 2006

Nicole's Bachelorette Party

What a great time! We started out at Nic's parent's house for supper and drinks, then into Boston on one of those limo/coaches. A very comfortable place for more drinking (BTW, not me, designated driver and all) and Joy's bag of tricks. Joy visited an adult novelty store and had all funny, sleazy "Bachelorette" things anyone could want. Noise makers, cups, napkins....all shaped like penises. A tiara for Nicole and later a veil both suitably decorated, as well as a roll of caution tape warning all that this was a Bachelorette party. First up was Nick's Comedy Stop. We had the first three rows on the left. Another, quieter bridal party had the front row on the right. Most of the comics were local and very funny. Jen and I responded uproriously to the ones from Southie. One was talking about the Guinness St. Patrick's Day commercial where they spoof Christmas.....our father loves that one! So do we. The last comic, the headliner was Mark Riley. He asked if anyone was from Southie....dead silence. Then later he was comparing the two bridal parties. You know we won that one! We were bigger, louder and as Mark (the comedian on stage) pointed out, there was more cleavage. I was baited into a quick flash and told him I was from Charlestown. He said "Great, you'll flash me and kick my ass!" LOL He was bitingly funny and we liked him quite a bit.

Then it was off to "The Big Easy" a new hot club in Boston, or so I'm told. Some of us didn't fit in.........we had real I.D.s. So after a drink we snuck back out and got Sean, our driver to take us to McCormick & Schmick. Once there in a place with grown-ups, and music at a lower volume we enjoyed a few drinks and a late night supper. At one am we returned to pick up the others and head home.

Joy (of the penis noisemakers, etc.) was also in charge of desserts. They were my complete undoing! When I saw the name on the box, I was lost! Lyndell's! Lyndell's has the best, best, best, halfmoons! Most places have a dry cake with a smear of hard uninteresting chocolate and vanilla Crisco yuck. Lyndell's has sweet little, round cakes, generously topped with rich, buttercream frosting. Damn that Joy! I was being so good on Atkins before that!

Everyone had a fabulous time. Nicole looked so pretty and so happy. She was so funny. There was one thing that the other bridal party beat us on. The comedian asked them each their ages, how long they had been dating, etc. These questions were a draw and then he asked the other bride what her fiance did. She replied he was a soldier. This was met by thunderous applause from our group and warm approval from the entire room. Now, Nicole's fiance Jay is a great guy and we love him. He is a heavy equipment operator and he works for a company that maintains guard rails on the highway. Good job, good future. So when the comedian asks Nicole what her fiance does, she replies........."He works on the highway.", in this little tiny voice. Well, he was off and running with that. "Oh, your family told you to marry him and you'd never pay another toll!" And more such nonsense. We cried laughing. Afterwards, outside Nicole said "I didn't know what to can't beat soldier!" We agreed and laughed some more.

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