Sunday, July 09, 2006

Ace Of Spades

So, I'm out surfing from site to site reading the whole Deborah Frisch, troll, craziness thing, when I come across this:

3) You disagree with another professor who maintains an online blog. What is the highest-reward, lowest-risk strategy for dealing with such a person?

a) Engage him in substantive discourse to prove he's wrong

b) Adopt a flippant tone while glibly tweaking him

c) Expose his errors on your own blog in hopes that he can be made to understand his errors

d) Have you ever noticed that K-Mart sells shotguns, shovels, and quicklime, all in one place? People rip on K-Mart, but really, you can't beat the convenience, folks.

The discussion of this woman's nonsense is all over the Internet, but Ace Of Spades has the funniest response, hands down.

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