Saturday, July 08, 2006

Juvenile Fun

I have been reading about the controversy surrounding the song "Hadji Girl". There are references to "Team America" So last night Jen & I watched "Team America" What a sick, disgusting movie..........we loved it! If you have seen the movie, you know what I mean.

If you do not know about the nonsense CAIR and the MSM tried to pull with Cpl. Joshua Belile, USMC, you can read about it at Little Green Footballs . The post containing the actual video is here. The MSM wrote stories and I have to think they didn't even watch it, because they had it all wrong. They were simply shooting from the hip.

Smash also wrote a post on "dark" or "gallows" humor that was very interesting.

Uncle Jimbo has the lyrics at Blackfive in this post.

It also seems that "Team America" is the punch line to several other jokes floating around the blogs and now I get them.

My favorite line was when the team coordinator (a la "M" in the Bond movies) was briefing the hero on what would happen if he were captured.....he would likely want to kill himself..........and he would want to have.......


Trias said...

Yep team America is funny. I enjoyed it too.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bostonmaggie,

As a mother of two and someone who liked the Hadji girl song what is your feelings about the rape of a hadji girl and killing of her family. Is it possible that one of your children is a girl and she is 14 (like the girl raped and then burned) or 5 (like her sister who is killed as well)?

Please try to see the connection between this song, the comments praising this song at the LGF post you mentioned and this incident.


BostonMaggie said...

What that Marine did, singing a song about made-up incident has absolutely nothing to do with the atrocities you mention. You are relating apples and oranges. Josh Belile sang a song of questionable taste. He exercised his right to free speech, which by the way he is putting his life on the line to defend.
180 degrees away is a horrific incident which the Marines are investigating and are prepared to prosecute. I don't know a single rational person, military or civilian who thinks the persons responsible shouldn't be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Connecting the two is hysteria on your part.

Here in America we can separate songs and words from actions.

Barb said...

Ah, yes - Team America is a classic! My sister and I laughed our butts off, and my husband won't watch it. Then again, he doesn't like any kind of animation, pretty much!

"I'm so Ronery"...

BostonMaggie said...

Barb - The funniest part is now every time I hear Kim Jong Il's name, that silly puppet is what pops into my head.