Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Major General Rick Lynch

I'm a few weeks late with this. That memo from DOD must have been lost in the ether. Anyway, my favorite Army guy, MG Rick Lynch has a new command.
Maj. Gen. Rick Lynch takes Fort Stewart command

FORT STEWART, Ga. A two-star general who spent the past year as the U-S military's chief spokesman in Iraq took command of the Army's Third Infantry Division during a ceremony at Fort Stewart today.

Major General Rick Lynch takes charge of the 19-thousand-soldier division fresh from a year in Baghdad as the coalition forces' deputy chief of staff for strategic effects. His duties included leading military briefings for reporters in Iraq.

Lynch succeeds Major General William G- Webster, who led the Third Infantry on its second tour of duty in Iraq last year. The division's tanks and Bradley armored vehicles had previously led the charge to Baghdad during the invasion in March 2003.

Congratulations sir!

Small beef - I still miss him terribly on Thursday mornings for the Baghdad Briefing.

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