Saturday, July 01, 2006

Milblogger's Shootout

Emails, comments, etc. have been flying through the blogosphere about who will shoot what at this get together in two weeks. I myself have never fired a weapon in my life..........I have never held one. As previously stated, the closest I have ever come was over twenty-five years ago. I was about to walk into a restaurant to join friends for dinner when my date, a Massachusetts State Trooper decided our friends could wait another few minutes. While he explained something very important (insert evil, smug grin here)my hand grazed something attached to his belt. I nearly jumped out of my skin! If something hadn't been covering my mouth, they would have heard me in the next town! So.......there you go....that's the extent of my gun handling experience!

Now, Sgt. B has decided that I should shoot this. The Armorer is also enamored of this weapon.

My understanding is that you lay on the ground to shoot it.
I do believe the good sargeant has taken leave of his senses. The funniest part is.........he has met me! Even so.....even though he has met me......spent an evening pub crawling with me....he actually imagines I will lay down on the ground to fire a weapon and not hit the broad side of a barn.

This is my reply - Baby! You are toooooooo cute for words!

Now that I think about it......he was the one who, with complete disregard for my sandals, took my arm and dragged me through every, single, last puddle on 8th during that pub crawl.


Rachelle Jones said...

I think you will be able to manage. it is very zen...and it looks like you have a good teacher.

BostonMaggie said...

Yet another person who has MET me and thinks I am going to lay down on the ground!

I don't get it!

John of Argghhh! said...

Perhaps the range they are dragging us to has shooting benches.

I hope so.

As I do not intend to lay on the ground either.

Envision a rocking horse with Armorer-rockers.

Too ugly for words.

If they don't, I'll have to settle for standing offhand.

Anonymous said...

Not me. I imagine you flashing everyone who's dumb enough to lay on the ground;)

BostonMaggie said...

Umm....SK? Are you saying that some guy would have to be dumb to lay on the ground so I could flash him?

Trias said...

Does flashing mean the same thing over there as here?

BostonMaggie said...

Well some at the Castle were hazy on these definitions, so had to spell them out. If you go to the archives and read this post you will know how *I* define "flashing". You will also learn the details of the Milbloggers Shootout and "Maggie's Drawers". The Armorer was terribly pleased with himself over that one.

You'll have to cut & paste because I haven't figured out certain things in this blog, posting links in the comments is one.

So my definition?
Lift skirt, show panties = flash.
Unbutton blouse, show cleavage or more = flash.
Lift skirt, no panties = moon.

Any more questions?

John of Argghhh! said...

This is how you post a link, Maggie

Anonymous said...

Um, no. Just that flashing is more your style.

Anonymous said...

damn, you unbuttoned your blouse and showed your goods? damn, and I missed it..? Can't imagine what I would have been looking at not to see that.... :-)

BostonMaggie said...

Keith - I was defining flashing. I did not do all of those things in your presence. I flipped my skirt up facing *away* from a crowd. I defy you to find one person who can tell you they *saw* anything. I am a professional.

SK- It's true flashing is more my style than shooting.

John - I still don't know how to *do* it myself, lol.

Barb said...

Maggie - I will happily take a turn with that lovely firearm for you! But there will be benches, or *I* may not shoot the long guns.

Also - the little .22 pistol I told you about - no prone positions required. Don't let Sgt B tell you otherwise ;-)