Saturday, December 04, 2010

The Weekend Plan

I slept just over 8 hours. WooHoo! That's a big deal in my chemo world.

Today I have to grab some keepsakes to bring home. I used to buy things for everyone in my orbit, but in my current reduced circumstances, I just grab mugs for Grace & Jen and something little for my parents. There is a place less than a mile away & I am going to see if the hotel shuttle can get me there. It's near the Betsy Ross house, which I didn't get maybe two birds...

Then on to the Cruiser that I've found it! LOL! When I Googled the hotel it looked as though the Independence Seaport Museum was a block north of the Hyatt. Perfect! Then when I checked in, my room faced north so I should be able to see it, right? Wrong. It was dark and all I could see was a ferry at the end of Market Street. Then I thought, maybe it was too dark to see.

But the next morning I look out at my view of the city to the northwest

and a little further westand the waterfrontand there is no other boat of any kind. Hmmmm. Eventually I realize that this building right below my window is the Museum. But still no sign of a ship. How would I explain this to My Marine? To LCDR Berube, USNR? To CDR Salamander?

Then as I was on the last leg of the trolley tour yesterday I found it! We were approaching my hotel and the tour guide was talking about Moshulu. Moshulu is a ship that was converted into a very expensive restaurant. It is less than 2/10ths of a mile from the hotel to the south. Then the tour guide directed our attention behind the restaurant....

....where the Cruiser Olympia is docked! He's reciting the history, I am craning my neck to see it. Well that makes sense, huh? Come see the Cruiser Olympia at the Seaport Museum! Except for the fact the museum is north of the Hyatt and the ship is to the south. The important part is that I found it.

Once I have all this wrapped up, I have to hit the road to be at my sister Grace's house at a decent hour, My niece Debbie is hosting a "Daiquiri party". That will likely keep me out past curfew, lol. I don't like going to my parent's house after 9 pm or so. So, I will just sleep at Grace's.'re thinking....Maggie, how can you top all that? What's Sunday? Laundry? Lazing around?


Sunday the 5th at 4 pm I will be aboard USS Constitution with my niece Gen and whoever else we can round up. You should come too! Join us for Old Ironsides Annual Christmas Tree Lighting!

You can keep up with this and other events by "liking" the USS Constitution Facebook page.

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