Wednesday, December 15, 2010

OK, You Won't See Much Of Me Today

...unless you are stalking me. If so, please feel free to approach and pay homage with M&Ms.

I was up at 7 am. I am showered and all my dry skin has 2 inches of cream on it. My hair was like seaweed in the bathtub drain. I hope they figure this out soon.

Anyway, I am taking the 9 am commuter rail to Kingston. Tommy and I are going to work a little on the storage facility. I still have a few possessions out and about and I want things settled. I want to know that when I begin this nonsense in mid-January that things are in order.

I figure there will be no helping myself between then and about April. It will be just me and the laptop laying around.

Tom is going to have the van. So that will be set, no worrying about storage or parking and it will get good use.

Frankie and I have a plan.

So come the middle of January, I can just drift.

After doing something productive, I have allowed my friend Trish to talk me into going to see "Tangled". I am not one for cartoons, but she asked, so..... On the bright side, there will be popcorn and M&Ms and Coke. I know I said lots of water on Monday and there has been and there will be more, even today. But geez, gimme a break, it's a movie.

I will see Frankie at some point today. And then cap it off with dinner with everyone from work. We usually have a party at work, I don't know what changed, but they have decided to meet at a restaurant.

So...see you all tomorrow. Tomorrow might be a big sleeping day.


SCOTTtheBADGER said...

Take care of yourself Maggie, you are important to us on Sal's front porch.

BostonMaggie said...

Even when I fight with Stu?

Seriously, thank you Scott.