Monday, December 20, 2010

This Was The Longest Day Evah!!

But I am safe and sound at home now.

My Dad is psychic! I walked in the door and he said "Want some hot cocoa?" How did he know?

OK, so the dentist thing. Two fillings and a cleaning before mid-January and they will sign off on me. The irony? I need the fillings because while in chemo I clench my teeth in my sleep and cracked the two teeth, which caused me to lose the fillings. The people in the Dental Building at Tufts are very nice and patient. But it was a bummer to get scripts to deal with the mouth sores they assure me are coming and the dry mouth chemo has caused.

On the "vascular access check"....I failed. I will have to have a line inserted. I keep asking why they are so stressed about it. I know it's not the ideal, but on the bright side....I will be able to go to the bathroom by myself. If you do stem cell collection the way they want, you are stuck for five hours with both arms outstretched. Denise (my transplant coordinator) said it means your arms get tired, you can't feed yourself and you have to use a bed pan. So now that they have said I can't do that.....I can't say I am all that bummed out.

The last appointment was the social worker. Apparently I am just sane enough for her to sign off on this. Seriously, she told me that she is worried that someone as self sufficient now has to give over so much control. I told her it might be a problem, but it's my parents that are taking care of me so it's ok.

She asked questions about family and friends and mentioned that she looks forward to meeting my sons. I told her that was unlikely. I explained that very few people will be allowed to visit. So.....Judith is worried about that. I told her she could relax, I have a very active online life and I will never be bored or lonely as long as I have the laptop......right?

I just see no need to subject my family and friends, in particular my sons to my pain and suffering. So she said "Well, it's not carved in stone." I let it go at that.

Finally, I was free. It was an hour later than planned, but I headed off to meet up with Tom. It was the dumbest mistake I have made in a while. The driving was horrific!!!

Then I did this funny thing. I was hungry. Because the dentist was first, I had no breakfast. They put some fluoride goo on my teeth and asked that I not eat for an hour. So even though I had time and money. No food. By the time I was driving south on route 3 I was STARVING! So I bought a bagel and a tea at exit 14. But the driving was so bad I stuffed that bagel in my bag.

Later when I was in Walmart, I grabbed some cookies. Even though I was sitting for 20 minutes waiting for the train, I didn't have one. I also forgot about them on the train. My stomach was growling loud enough to wake the dead.

Finally, when I got to South Station, I grabbed a sandwich. But I didn't want to take the time to eat it, because the train was 20 minutes late getting in and I wanted to get to my parents before they started to worry.

By the time I sat down with my sandwich and my hot cocoa, I was shaky, lol.
I love Au bon Pain's Caprese sandwich. I was too tired to eat more than half.

Anybody want a cookie? How about the apple strudel or the pretzel I also acquired because I was hungry...but didn't eat.

Anyway, it starts all over tomorrow with X-rays and PFTs and EKGs. But you won't hear me whining! This beats infusion by a country mile!


Yer Marine said...

You know, of course, it was the shortest day of the year. Just sayin'.

BostonMaggie said...

Yes, all Irish girls with Druid blood know when the solstice occurs.

I barely made it through, thank goodness it was the shortest day!

Stella said...

First you don't send me cupcakes, now you refuse to share your sandwich with me... Hrumph... Well, anyway, I am sorry you did not get to celebrate Winter Solstice.

Driving in Boston? Horrific? Who knew?

My dad (almost 80) is in remission? You Bostonians don't give up easily. I admire your tenacity... but you know that already...

And I have no pithy, clever comment to make except I to hope that all you've endured will make you well again.

Take care... I am looking forward to your next visit at the end of Rte. 66. Just remember, I know your URL...

BostonMaggie said...

"Driving in Boston? Horrific? Who knew?"

LOL! Now there's a quote!