Monday, December 27, 2010


So in the post below, I write about how I "stealth shovelled".

This morning my father was out shovelling and came in....not a word about anything being unusual.

At one point this afternoon one of the neighbors came and shovelled. My mother commented on it. She said it happens so often she doesn't even know which neighbor it is.

I think "I got away with it!"

Then this evening we are watching Jeopardy....I was creamed...but in my defense...a category on "Elvis"? A category on "Nebraska"? Really? That's not my fault. (Are you there baby?)

Anyway, I say something about Frankie always shoveling me and I haven't shoveled in forever.

"But your father said you shoveled last night." Blink, blink. I was frozen and only my eyelids worked. I burst out laughing.

"How did he know? I thought I got away with it? I waited for him to be asleep?"

She had that oh-you-silly-girl smile/look on her face "Even when your father is asleep he is awake. He even told me what time you did it and when you went to bed."

I listed all my stealth moves. I told her that my PJs got wet at the bottom and were sliding off. She laughed and just shook her head.

Later I went up to load the dryer, he was watching the Bs. "Do you know I was trying sooooo hard to be as quiet as a mouse last night?"

"Yeah. I know."


AWTM said...

Call next time re: Nebraska, I will hook you up

BostonMaggie said...

It's after midnight, my parents are asleep (although my father is apparently asleep/awake)I have one hand over my mouth as I madly giggle.....I have a Nebraska phone-a-friend Regis!!!!

Pia said...

hilarious... my dad used to walk into a room, pause for a second and then question who moved something we weren't supposed to touch. I always wondered how he did that until I realized I'm the same way.