Monday, December 13, 2010

Poor Kate!

So I get here to Tufts/NEMC and I'm all "wah" that the valet was closed because I am so fatigued. But I "stalk the block" and get a good parking space.

It's just as crowded up here in infusion and there is no chair for me. They pull me in some little meeting room to put in my IV and draw my blood....then it's "catch and release" since nothing can happen for an hour. I go get a cup of tea, make phone calls, fool around online, etc.

Then a chair opens up and Kathleen tells me that today is pomidrinate. That's then one that takes two was a good thing that I didn't get valet, since they close at 4 pm. Kathleen starts the steroid (20 minutes) an I ask her to page Kate, my nurse practitioner. Kathleen says she already has. LOL! Some things happen before I even think of them.

Kate comes in and I ask if she's ready for my problems and whiny weekend story. Kathleen comes in to administer the Velcade and start the pomidrinate. Kate uses this opportunity to step back into the hall and gets me two tootsie rolls. Very smart!

We talk about my bald spot, my IV site bruise, my leg/ankle/hip pain. I ask if I am her most difficult patient. She says I am challenging, but that's a compliment. She thought my story wasn't that bad. She was afraid I was backing out of the transplant. Like I could get away with that!

Kate decides we will bring Dr. Miller into this conversation. He holds my right leg, which is the one that hurts today and moves his thumb up my shin. It hurts. He is not pushing really, but it hurts. It aches with no touch. but his thumb hurts.

This is likely peripheral neuropathy from the Velcade. since the velcade has produced such great results in getting my IgA number, they decide to SKIP THE LAST INFUSION!!!!

M&Ms all around!

When I leave here shortly, no more IV chemo until at least mid-January. I still have to take the Revlimid until sunday night. You know I asked. I was offered a gift....I asked for two!

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