Wednesday, December 22, 2010

This Overbooking Isn't Any Fun!

Usually I seize the time between chemo cycles and try to do something fun. I am cognizant of my limitations and I plan accordingly. I do some stuff, then I factor in rest time.

But this week has been too much work and not enough rest....and no fun!!

Monday - drive to NEMC for dentist, vascular access check and meeting with the social worker, then Kingston in the snow, then making my way home on the T
Tuesday-up at 0630 and taking the T to NEMC for X-rays, EEG, EKG, blood work (13 vials) and a PFT, then the T home
Wednesday-bone marrow biopsy
Thursday - MRI - and finally something fun! Before the MRI my niece Gen and her friends are meeting me for dim-sum at Empire Gardens in Chinatown.

I had wanted to go see "The King's Speech" on Monday night. It opens Christmas Day, but hey, it's Boston, there were sneak preview showings at Kendall Square. But Monday didn't work for everyone...then Tuesday didn't.....then Grace tried to convince me to wait for next week. But I hate crowded theaters. If I wait until school vacation and wide release they will want to go to a mainstream theater. I want my sneak preview at Kendall Square!!! I also want to see "Bhutto" & "The Tempest"

Friday is Christmas Eve Day and I was hoping to go into work and let the girls leave early....but the weather forecast does not look promising.

What you don't see in this list is a down day.

Que My Marine.....It's not my fault!

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