Friday, December 03, 2010

There's Good Ideas.....

....and not-so-good-ideas.

Now I am not saying this was a bad idea, just not one of my shining moments, lol.

So you know I have given lots of lip service to not "overbooking", seriously, sometimes I tried.

Just not today. I tried to see everything I could. Which mind you, was not a lot. I am slow, I am easily winded, I have a depth perception problem. LOL, I'm blind in, I'm kidding. But I did push it. So at 2:30 I came back to regroup. I washed my face....brushed my teeth.....took a pain pill.

Then I went up to the Reading Terminal Market. It's on the list of "must see" things in Philly. And some people had made some suggestions on lunch, which I never got to, it ended up being dinner.

So, what was the bad idea part? Going into a place that sells treats when you're high. I mean it's not like I am tripping....but let's be honest - I will need to look in my nifty Route 66 tote (that I got in LA w/Stella when she took us on our tour) to see what I bought. But whatever it is, 90% of it is not good for me.

I was advised that after a Cheesesteak, the next most famous Philly sandwich was a DiNic's Italian-style roast pork. Sadly, they were out, so I got the second choice, pork w/cheese & greens (broccoli rabe). It was good but more than I could finish.

Next.....Flying Monkeys for a lavender cupcake....sorry, that's a spring time thing.

Beilers for sticky buns. These are carefully packaged, so I will bring them back to Boston

Miller's Twist for a pretzel - got distracted and ordered sugared pretzel sticks....mmmm

Bread from Metropolitan....and a pleasant conversation with the woman working the counter. We discussed the millet muffin that she offered me a sample of. I asked if that wasn't what they fed birds....well yes, yes it is, lol. Strangely, it was good. And the chocolate cake was unbelievable, but I did manage to resist that.

Besides...I had cannoli from Termini Brothers, lol.

I have a stomach ache just thinking about all of this!


Tom Goering said...

Cheese steak, of course, but did you try the Pennsylvania Birch Beer, too? Really. Good. Stuff.

Stella said...

... you still have a lot of Rte 66 out here. Just saying...

Stella said...

Again, you forgot to save me a cupcake?

Pia said...

I have a stomach ache reading it!