Wednesday, December 08, 2010


BOLO....Be On The Lookout for......Hershey nugget thieves!Sunday when I left Grace's house and headed back to my parents, I stopped at the Everett Stop & Shop on Route 99. First off, let me say - "Ick". But I wanted some mozzarella for later. As I was walking around I saw the Hershey nuggets with toffee and almonds. You can't always get them and sometimes I have to buy the assorted bag and give away the ones I don't like.

When I got in the house I had stuff to carry and I put the cheese in the fridge and left the nuggets on the table. I carried what I could upstairs, my Dad carried the rest. When I got upstairs I had to lay down for a while. Then I was called down to dinner. Grace, Dave, Gen, Debbie and Jen were there for dinner too. It was very nice.

After dinner I went back to bed for a bit, hoping to come up with enough energy for the Christmas Tree Lighting event aboard USS Constitution. That didn't happen. I stayed asleep for hours.

I got up to eat a little something and watch "The Walking Dead".

Where are my nuggets?!?!

The next morning I asked my Dad - "Your sisters and nieces ate them allllll up!"

Grace & Jen came by to take me mother shopping for an outfit for Liz's wedding. I wasn't invited.


Mrs. Diva said...

And you weren't invited, because....?

BostonMaggie said...

A - I couldn't have handled allthat walking

B _ I was awake but they didn't know it because I was still in my room with the door shut.

Mrs. Diva said...

All righty then. I can get unpissed on your behalf ;)

BostonMaggie said...

LOL! You know I only whine for effect.