Sunday, December 12, 2010

Could I Sleep Any More???

My mother and I were bookends at the kitchen table for dinner. Slow moving. Slow eating. I couldn't finish, neither did she. My Dad made us baked stuffed chicken breasts, baked potatoes.....giant baked potatoes, we could have split one and had some left. He's a blur of activity.

Earlier, he had called up to me...."Diane, what are you doing today?" I said there was nothing. "Ok, 'cause everything after 2:30 is Patriot's time!"

Kick-off was 4:15....but there are pre-game activities. Sure enough, he had everything done by 2:30.
BTW, for all my grousing - and My Marine pointed out today that I am "an exceptional grouser" - about the flat tire & the $337.00.....I lucked out. It happened right at exit 8 and I wasn't alone and someone came to get us. It could have happened during my road trip far from home & that would have been awful.
I am listening to @punditreview & @punproducer & @McQandO on Pundit Review Radio on WRKO. They are talking national politics for political junkies like me.

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Mrs. K said...

You can always sleep more. I can teach you, young grasshopper.