Saturday, December 11, 2010

I Am So Messed Up Right Now

Make sure I don't stay up past midnight or tomorrow will be lost.

I got up at a decent hour, showered, dressed, cleaned my room, had breakfast (hehe) and went off to my family's Christmas party. It was excellent! My cousin Liz, with help on the party favor from her sister Sue, did a fabulous job. The party favor was a deck of cards in a plastic case with our grandparents wedding photo on it. It's usually a Christmas ornament, but this was better.

I am not crazy about the venue, their food's blah...but that's not the important part is it? The important part is all my uncles and aunts and cousins being there. And that part was outstanding.

Plus Liz ( or somebody) got this really great Santa Claus. We always have someone play Santa and give out presents to the kids. Every cousin that has a small child brings/sneaks in a present for Santa to hand out. I pointed out to my uncles that now that I live with my parents again, they really should have brought a present for me. They agreed...I was rooked.

Anyway, usually Santa shows...HoHoHo!'s your present....Merry Christmas....goodbye! But this guy sat down and read the "Night Before Christmas" with lots of personality and led a song and did a magic trick. I was sorry we had to leave, but after being there, standing, walking, visiting for three hours, I was ready to fall over.

Plus, it was kick-off time for the Army/Navy game and my Dad and I had to get home...

So, we missed the actual handing out of the presents. Whatever that guy cost, it was worth it.

Once I got in the house I went right up and fell asleep for the first quarter of the game. I surfaced for the second quarter and did some #ArmyNavy on Twitter. (Sorry I wasn't more help @KissMyGumbo) and fell asleep during half time until 8:30. Holy crap! Talk about low energy, lol. I have described this before, but after about a week of chemo, I feel like I am wearing a lead suit. Think about it. Last Saturday I got up, visited the Philadelphia Seaport Museum, the Cruiser Olympia, drive from Philly to Boston, attended my niece's Daiquiri party and lasted until midnight. Sure I was slow, but I got a lot done. Today,...not so much.

My cousin Liz is getting married New Year's Eve and I am psyched that it happens fifteen days after the last infusion and eleven days after the last Revlimid. So I should be up for the night.

Anyway, now it's 10:48 at night and I am eating leftovers from Friday's baked haddock (mmm, I love baked haddock) because I was hungry to the point of feeling nauseous. I can't go right back to bed, because that will just give me indigestion. But I can't stay up past midnight or I will miss stuff tomorrow.

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