Monday, December 13, 2010

Celebrating My Early Release!

I have been drinking lots and lots of water. And foods that are high in potassium and low in sodium. Actually making the effort to be good. But not tonight!

There was pizza from Jenny's! Not onion or garlic....but let's be realistic, this is my father's house. It was accompanied by chips and Coke and......


I promise there will be lots of water tomorrow.

My father saw the bag of M&Ms "Did you steal them from my bag? I am rationing your mother?" This is a big joke because my mother eats like a bird, as they say.

Then I relay my good news which is actually more than I told you in the post below. There is a small chance that my fatigue and hair loss can be temporarily reversed. It will definitely fall out when I take the Cytoxan in January. But it is unusual to lose hair on Velcade. Perhaps it is related to my thyroid. I have fatigue and hair loss I was attributing to Velcade and overly dry skin I was attributing to Lasix. But Kate turns the Rubik's Cube and says, that fatigue, hair loss and dry skin can by related to thyroid problems. They are testing my blood.

My father asks why I want them to reverse it.....don't I want to be just like him? LOL! When I was young he used to tease me that early gray ran in my mother's family and early baldness ran in his....if I was lucky, I'd get both!! Hahaha! I started graying at 16 (very helpful at 17 when sneaking into bars. no one cards the gray haired girl). But it wasn't so funny when I was pregnant with Frankie because my hair started falling out. Two big patches, one on each temple. I almost lost my mind. But then he was born and the hair grew back. That gave my father a lot of laughs.

I really would like to hang onto my hair at least through New Year's and my cousin Liz' wedding!

Now it's off to bed.....10 mg Revlimid, 1 mg Ativan, 10 mg oxycodone, a baby aspirin. With a big glass of water.

I really feel like I will have a good day tomorrow and get something accomplished.

You know what's awesome about blogging? You can do it with a mouth full of M&Ms!


Julie Weathers said...

Maggie, what a good attitude about such a horrible ordeal.

Prayers are with you.

BostonMaggie said...

Thanks, Julie.