Thursday, July 08, 2010

What *Is* Your Problem?

So Mary Ripley and I are discussing driving up to Maine for the Cold River adventure. She wants to fly. I keep protesting that I will pick her up and drive her. She says we won't be friends by the end of the drive.

"I have an excellent driving record!"

"You can't speed."

"I can do that. I will drive like my mother's in the car."

"You can't go over 7 miles above the speed limit."

"I can do that."

"You can't tailgate."

"That's fine. That's not my problem."

"What is your problem?"

LOL! Jen and I have discussed it. We will put Mary in the car with Grace. Grace is a very careful driver. Jen said it doesn't matter if I don't mean to speed, as soon as I am distracted.....


So the other night Jen and I contemplated grilling, but the grill was dirty. I figured I would just take care of that today after work. But last night while I was at dinner, she just when out and bought a new one.

That is an extreme solution to a dirty grill.

Speaking of dinner, it was about social media. Or at least it was supposed to be. I was ready to fashion a noose out of my napkin.

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Chuck Simmins said...

In my unmarried days, I once threw out a bunch of dishes rather than wash them. Well, they'd been hidden in the oven for a while.