Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm Living An Old Joke

"Hey, is your face hurting you? 'Cause it's KILLING me!"

Yeah, I am wiped out today already. I woke up and my jaw, cheekbones and shoulders just ached like you read about. I don't get it. Is is stress? Is it the myeloma?

Well at least it's taking my mind off of how much my ankles and hip have been bothering me.

Wonder what my stomach's ibuprofen threshold is....

I know, I am whining. Tough shit, lol.

I could call and probably get something from Dr. Miller.....but that would really bum my mother out. You know how she frets that I will end up an addict, lol. So, we'll just grit our teeth for a bit. Maybe it's stress and that should pass, my life is becoming more orderly thanks to Jennifer.

I am taking myself to the movies later. Plimoth Plantation is showing "Please Give". I love the unusual and/or foreign films offered at the Plimoth Cinema......and the popcorn. I saw the previews when I was there to see "The Secret in their Eyes" (which I loved!!!!).

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