Tuesday, July 06, 2010

I Am Beat!

I had such a great time this past weekend, but you know I didn't pace myself or anything. Today is reflecting that. Nothing I am doing is going my way.

I wanted to drive to the New York State Museum in Albany today, to catch the local showing of "Restrepo". But the fates conspired against me. Then I thought, at least I can get all this RMV/insurance stuff done for the Windstar....but that hasn't happened yet. I ran into work to grab the title, but work questions kept me there for an hour. Now I am waiting for Jen.

So far I am showered and I have done some laundry. That's as productive as I have been.

So, we are going to switch gears and work on my living situation. 6 weeks ago I moved a few things to my friend Trish's house. As soon as I finished clearing the house, I was going to move there. It still hasn't happened. Since then, I have been presented with the option of moving in with Jen. There were pluses and minuses to each situation. There was some campaigning by certain individuals. I'm not going to say that I caved to pressure....because that is not how Princess Crabby rolls.

But tonight I am taking one of the company trucks and getting stuff from Trish's house and moving it to Jen's house.

So I am off to salvage what I can from today. Meanwhile I will post some cool pics from the USS Constitution's Underway Demonstration on Sunday.

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