Friday, July 16, 2010

No Mosque At Ground Zero

First off, I can't even wrap my mind around the balls it took for some imam to propose this.

Are all Muslims terrorists? Of course not. But you don't put a mosque two blocks from Ground Zero.

You wouldn't propose a museum to Japanese culture across the water from USS Arizona.

You wouldn't propose a statue of Andrew Jackson at the Cherokee Heritage Center.

An Islamic cultural center anywhere near Ground Zero is ludicrous.

And it's not hate speech to say so. The people who show up at zoning meetings in New York to defend the idea are idiots. It's not Islamaphobia to oppose this idea. Charging mosque opponents with bigotry is a deflection. The proponents of this idea are hoping they can cow a public that fears such labels. Well, you can't intimidate me. I am comfortable with myself and I know I am not a bigot.

Learn more by reading this opinion piece "A mosque at Ground Zero?"

Pat Condell, while a militant atheist who loathes all organized religion, is particularly articulate on this subject.


Anonymous said...

Hey Maggie
I am on the campaign of a guy running for congress in the 3rd district. Mike Stopa is a physicist currently at Harvard specializing in nano technology.

He was recently on the Sean Hannity Show. This topic was covered.
(Sorry he is about 3 minutes into this clip, I am still editing)

"At Least Say The Word Terrorism"

Drop by the campaign site or come meet Mike in person. Thanks

From Shrimp to Lobster said...

I completely agree with you on this. It's not bigotry, and good job to you for not being scared of censoring yourself with poltical correctness to a ridiculous degree. You're not making any statements on Islam as a whole. It's just that putting a mosque by Ground Zero is like putting a statue of Andrew Jackson close to an African American memorial. While Jackson did do some good things in his time as president, he was also a supporter of slavery. And that's just offensive to have that stigma so close to the very people who that choice of his affected.

I get ya. You're just stating a common sense opinion, no hate intended.