Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Spent The Night In My New Room

All I can say is that I am happy there were afghans in the room....the crocheted kind, not the people. The AC is so powerful that I actaully pulled out the cream colored afghan that my mother made for me out of it's storage bag.

Yesterday, on High Street in Charlestown a rooftop grill burst into flame because Boston is living the Twilight Zone episode where the sun is moving closer to the Earth. But I needed an afhgan, lol. I am telling you, Jen would be happy at the North Pole.

So I got up this morning and went across the street to swim. Jen's neighbor installed rustic stairs and a hand rail.....good thing for shaky Maggie as she makes her way down. I try not to remember scrambing down at top speed as a child and even a young mother.

Then I cleaned the kitchen while I waited for Jen to return from her errand.

Now it's off to run errands, car insurance my paycheck - it's already spent - and return the rental car.

I promise I'll post soon about my visit to USS Whidbey Island. fav BMCS is receiving packages from strangers.....thank you everyone!!! The response has been amazing.

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Tom Goering said...

I'll need that A/C - Bonnie has us camping, in a freakin tent, next week in Florida. Yup, Florida in July - for 6 nights!

This is gonna suck...