Saturday, July 03, 2010

Presents On The Drive Home From The Sunset Parade!

Thanks Hank Morse of WTKK!

Last night on the drive home from the Sunset Parade, I was listening to Hank Morse on WTKK. He was sitting in for Michele McPhee. The topic people were calling about was "What are you doing to celebrate the 4th?"

I got on the Expressway as some guy was explaining White Horse Beach, which I have heard is a raucously good time. Then I lost the signal as I passed under South Station. When I came out, I dialed in with my suggestion.

Can you guess?

Come on, try.

Something to do with.......NAVY WEEK! LOL

When it was my turn Hank very graciously let me prattle on about Boston's Navy Week events (there are still plenty left, check them out!) and the Sunset Parade that I had just attended.

Hank asked how I knew all this and I explained that I was the Goddess of the Naval Blogging Strike Force (GODNAVBLOGSTRIFOR). He even gave the blog a plug.

But then, the best part was.......

"Ok, Maggie, I'm going to set a six Sailor limit for you tomorrow, then four on Sunday, two on Monday and back to work on Tuesday."

A dozen Sailors???? For me???? Thanks Hank!

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