Wednesday, July 14, 2010

NMCB Two One on Navy Daily News Update

My SeaBees were a top story on the Navy's Daily News Update!

Yay, Naval Mobile Construction Battalion Two One!

There I was on Twitter....screwing around....*cough*.....I mean engaging in important social media interaction when I saw a Tweet from my BFF @NavyNews -

"SeaBees building to support forces in Afghanistan. Building foundation 4 the foundation, if U will..."

So I clicked on the link to see whatever story, pic or vid he was directing me to, they are always interesting.

And there are my peeps from Anacostia with a Daily News Update, this time it was Petty Officer Patrick Gearhiser giving an intro to Cpl Bradley Hanson, USMC who was in Afghanistan doing a story on........MY SEABEES!!!! NMCB 21

So click on this link and watch as PO1 Anthony Amato, PO James Milam & PO1 Dave Eddy explain about what they are doing to improve the quality of life for service members deployed in Afghanistan.

Learn about SWA-huts!

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