Saturday, July 17, 2010

Peter Pan Peanut butter Frustration....

It shouldn't be this difficult to get some regular, old fashioned peanut butter! Ok, well let's be honest....I was frustrated before I had to hunt for the stupid peanut butter.

Last night I got in from work and found I had the house to myself. I ran and started laundry. I cooked my dinner as fast as I could. I washed, dried and put away the dishes. I pulled the laptop out of my room and set it up on the coffee table.

There I was...settled with dinner, laptop, cell phone, drink & dessert. The night was mine and I wanted to watch a good movie. I perused my choices and settled "Volver" with Penelope Cruz. then an hour in....the DVR kicks me out! Jen was recording two things, so I am out of OnDemand. Ok, well, there is always the DVR. I scroll through and find the season premiere of "Rescue Me".

Then SouthieBoy called.....I didn't finish anything.

This morning I went to pack a lunch for work.....peanut butter & jelly? No peanut butter. Pizza? They got green peppers....ick! Never mind!

Today Jen sent me a text "Get Saltines on the way home from work" I was in Walmart and remember there was no peanut butter in the house. My parents always bought Skippy. Jen buys Skippy. But Mama Kelley liked Peter Pan and we had to leave her little jar alone.

So I decide that's what I want. But there is honey roast & crunchy & crunchy honey roast & plus & reduced fat....argghhh!!! I had to squat and stick my arm to the back of the shelf to get regular creamy.


Ok, well I was going to post some other stuff....but my mother just called, they are at the cottage! Yay! Two weeks to hang out!


bigsoxfan said...

I understand your point, but I have it worse. Try picking up Moxie soda south of Providence.

BostonMaggie said...


Moxie is nasty!!!! N.A.S.T.Y.