Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Metal Shark Boats

Metal Shark's 30 Resolute is specially-designed for oil spill clean-up operations in as little as eight inches of water.

As my friends down South would say "Dang! That's cool!"

From the company's press release -

Safe, Stable Platform for Clean-Up Operations
Jeanerette, La., July 13, 2010 - Metal Shark Boats this week delivered the third of twenty boats specially-designed to assist with oil spill clean-up efforts in near shore applications. The 30-foot, barge-style 30 Resolute is already in use off the coast of Louisiana, and the company plans to continue construction and delivery at a rate of two boats per week.

The Resolute's large, flat deck and low freeboard afford workers a close proximity to the water's surface while also making the boat capable of operation in depths as little as eight inches. Worker comfort is further enhanced by the 30 Resolute's integrated sun shade. The boat's 6,000-pound capacity provides ample space for additional storage tanks, booms, skimmers, and other oil removal accessories. With an overall beam (width) of ten feet, the 30 Resolute may also be easily transported by trailer to spill-affected areas.

"A swift resolution to this crisis is essential, as the health of our wetlands and coastal areas are vital to millions of Gulf Coast residents," said Chris Allard, President, Metal Shark Boats. "With the 30 Resolute, we're better equipped to support the massive and ongoing clean-up effort."

You can read the rest here.

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