Monday, July 26, 2010

I'm Stuck

***UPDATE*** Seeing it in print was the motivation I needed. I vacuumed and swept and washed dishes and wiped counters. I did laundry and even dragged the big blue bucket out back and scrubbed the inside with a stiff brush. I rewarded my self with a quick swim. I am headed up to the cottage now.

I have things to do.

I have stuff on my desk at work. Even though I am no longer working, there is still stuff to clear up.

My sister is visiting my parents at the cottage. I should be up there.

I have laundry and cleaning to do.

I have blogging to do.

I should be at the gym.

I have to make some phone calls to my oncologist about medication & my upcoming treatment.

It's a beautiful day. I am not even playing hookey on the beach.

I'm just stuck. I need someone to kick my ass and get me moving.

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