Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Flying To LA Wednesday

I am taking my niece Gen to LA Wednesday morning. We leave Logan at 7 am. Whose idea was that? Oh, I made the reservation? Umm, well still Jen & Grace didn't stop me....makes them somewhat responsible.

Gen is going to Perth, Australia to study a semester abroad. When this first came up, Grace told me to arrange her flights. But Grace was worried about the whole switching of airplanes and carriers in LA. So I said I'd go. Sounded like fun.

So we arrive in LA at 10:30 am local time. We are staying at the Crowne Plaza LAX. We have the rest of Wednesday and nearly all of Thursday to hang, see, do.

At 10 pm Thursday night I put Gen on a Quantas flight and send her away until Thanksgiving. It's a great opportunity and we are all very happy for her....but geez! That's a long time, lol.

Then Friday morning I fly back to Boston.

While we are there we will take the standard LA/Hollywood bus tour. I want pics on Hollywood BLVD. I want to find John Wayne's star, lol!

Meanwhile, remember I am poor and unemployed....oh, did I not mention that? Yeah, I got yelled at by My Marine. I told everyone that when the cancer slowed me to the point where I was no longer a productive employee, I would get laid off (which is not nearly as much fun as other phrases containing that word...). So it's here. And I am broke, so anyone who wants to take me to lunch....feel free!

Which leads me to why I am posting at 0245.....before she went to bed, Jen said "Are you going to be ok on this trip?"

I don't know. It's a lot of stress to travel, even when it's fun.

BTW, if you are in LA....find me!


Pia said...

Well I'm sure Gen appreciates your company, so make the most of it. Sorry about the job, that stinks. Maybe pitch a reality show while you're in LA, that can be your new vocation. We can tune in each week to see Princess Crabby's adventures!

Tom Goering said...


That show could only be on pay-per-view. :)

BostonMaggie said...

It's ok about my job. I would never stay if I couldn't be useful. They would have kept me, but it wouldn't have been fair. They kept me all through chemo. Sometimes I would drag myself in and put my head on my desk....and they kept me.

This is for the best.

Now for adventures! LA is just the start.

Once they fix the power steering and the check engine light on the minivan, I am driving all over the place.

I may show up in Tennessee. I will definitely be in DC. I want to see the Grand Canyon.

AW1 Tim said...

So I will ask again. When you come to Maine to tour the Vodka distillery, would you like to spend an extra day and see BIW and Navy Frigates on the ways and in the water?

It takes a bit to arrange these things, so if you want me to get things rolling, I need to know fairly soon.


Tom Goering said...

We have a guest room, and Beale Street!