Sunday, April 04, 2010

Milbloggie Voting

Ok, you have all done a fabulous job getting the USNI blog into the finals for a Milbloggie.

Now it's time to vote.

Please, please, please!

U.S. Military Parent - This is tough for me because I know and like more than one.

U.S. Military Supporter - OK, well this one makes me feel a little silly
Not Your Average Brooklynette
From Cow Pastures to Kosovo
USO Girls
Chromed Curses
and me

The other four are actively doing troop support, I am just screwing around here trying to get Sailors to pay attention to me. So vote accordingly. Leta, Jamie & Caro, Wendy are friends who I admire for the time and effort they put into supporting our military. Maja is a great Tweep who is a stalwart on #MilMonday, I would be happy with anyone of them.

U.S. Air Force - Now this was easy!!! 30 Days Through Afghanistan! WooHoo! Get out there and vote for Ken & Nathan (I owe them a post from the Roundtable, I haven't forgotten.) Click here to see their Milblogging page. Please consider giving them your "Air Force" vote.

U.S. Army - This had to be a super secret vote for me because I know 3 of these people well and love them. A fourth is an email/Twitter friend. So I can't sway you or reveal my vote. I will just say, this category has very worthy contenders and no matter who wins, I will be happy.

U.S. Coast Guard - Again, here is a category with more than one blog that I like, but I am going to go with CGBlog, the Unofficial Coast Guard Blog. Ryan does a great job. Here is his Milblogging page.

U.S. Marine Corps - One word. Taco

U.S. Military Veteran - Now, no one loves Matt O'Blackfive more than I do, but the guys at This Ain't Hell need a little love, so I am going with them. Besides TSO is a fellow New Englander and a Red Sox fan.

U.S. Military Spouse - ArmyHousehold6 and ArmyWifeToddlerMom are friends of mine and normally, I'd be torn. But Heaven knows we have to give this to "A Little Pink in a World of Camo" because there just isn't anything else I have to offer. Mrs. P (Rachel Porto) lost her Marine husband 3 weeks ago today. She has a post up today calling attention to the charity "Hope For The Warriors". She is carrying on by looking out for others, taking care of her daughter and blogging. Please vote for Rachel.

Foreign National Military - I have no guidance to offer.

U.S. Reporter - Whew! Another easy one! Susan Katz Keating

U.S. Navy - I am so happy with alllllll the finalists. But you know I have to stay the course and back the USNI blog. But I am sooooo pleased that my friend ADM Harvey is among the finalists with his U.S. Fleet Forces Command blog. How awwesome is that?


Ken Adams said...


Good Luck!

BostonMaggie said...


LL said...

Dude, there are 2 names that pop out at me with Navy blogging....Neptunus Lex and BostonMaggie. You do a shit ton and deserve to win.

CDR Salamander said...

So, you are not happy with SJS, Lex, and 'ole Salamander, eh?

Ok. I see how you are.

Mrs. Diva said...

I agree with LL. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't even know about the Navy blogs!

MaryR said...


Susan Katz Keating said...

Maggie, THANK YOU for that endorsement! The "other guy" has pulled ahead in the polls, but I'm so thrilled with the endorsement I'm going to print it out and frame it. Maybe a badge on my blog... "Endorsed by Boston Maggie and Chromed Curses."

As for your own wonderful blog.... the Navy oughtta give you an award, themelves. Seriously. And a private ride on Old Ironsides. With a good pal by your side : )

Barb said...

I voted as soon as I could, so I'm just joining the gang in rooting!!

Boquisucio said...

Early and Often